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On  15. – 16. July 2023 the MXGP was raced in the Czech Republic in Loket. Slovak riders took part in the main MXGP race, where they fought for a position with world riders. Šimon Jošt (53) took overall 20th place and scored 6 world points, Tomáš Kohút (45) took overall 22nd place and scored 3 world points. Jaroslav Katriňák (199) drove MX2 and took 28th place overall. Thanks them for the great representation. Overall results: MXGP – 1. Romain Febvre (3), 2. Jorge Prado (61), 3. Jeremy Seewer (91), MX2 – 1. Jago Geerts (93), 2. Simon Laengenfelder (516), 3. Kay de Wolf (74).

Rally Albania 2023

Our driver Vladimír Preis took part in Rally Albania on 3. – 10. June 2023. Vlado took fourth place overall 🙂


On 3. – 4. September our team went to watch the MXGP in Turkey and support our Slovak riders Tomáš Kohút at the MX EURO. Tomáš took an excellent second place overall. Congratulations 🙂 Overall results: MXGP – 1. Tim Gajser (243), 2. Jeremy Seever (91), 3. Romain Febvre (3), MX2 – 1. Tom Vialle (28), 2. Jago Geerts (93), 3. Roan Van De Moosdjik (39).


On 13. – 14. August 2022 our team went to see the MXGP in Finland. Slovak rider Tomáš Kohút took part in the MX EURO, which was run next to the MXGP and took third place. Congratulations 🙂 Overall results: MXGP – 1. Glenn Goldenhoff (259), 2. Jeremy Seever (91), 3. Maxime Renaux (959), MX2 – 1. Tom Vialle (28), 2. Kay de Wolf (74), 3. Jago Geerts (93).

MXGP of Lombardia (Mantova)

On 12. May our team was on MX GP in Mantova, Italy and supported our Slovak riders Richard Šikyňa (MX 2 – 102) and Denis Poláš. It was raining all day. Antonio Cairoli won both MXGP and Jorge Prado won MX2. Richard Šikyňa placed on a great 10th place in the first ride and 19th place in the second ride.

Motocross of Nations MXoN 2018

On 6th and 7th October 2018 we participated in MXoN in the USA – Chicago on the RED BUD track, and below you will see a few photos from the venue. Well-known motocross fans (Tomas Simko, Vladimir Preis, Peter Karumnik, Vladimir Baranek, Miroslav Baranek, Radovan Bartos, Peter Pastorek and Denis Krabac) traveled to the Motocross of Nations (which was also held in Slovakia in Sverepec). France won the Motocross of Nations, the Italians were second and the Netherlands was third. Czech Republic in the composition: Martin Michek, Vaclav Kovar and Martin Krc placed on the nice 16th place.

Motocross of Nations MXoN 2017 in Materley Basin with participation od PB Racing team

Slovak National Team in composition Tomáš Šimko (MXGP – 82 – Suzuki), Tomáš Kohút (MX OPEN- KTM) and Richard Šikyňa (MX2 – KTM) won the 19th place at MXoN 2017.

The National Motocross Teams had qualification races on the first day and19 teams advanced direct to A-final. Overall, our team was ranked 23rd place among the 38 countries in the world in qualification races. Tomáš Šimko (20th place), sponsored by PB Racing team, had the best result. Tomas Kohút finished in 21st place and Richard Šikyňa finished on the same place, but his placement was cut. The rest of the teams competed in B-final for the last place in the elite twenty. After a great ride, the Slovak team won the B-finals and moved to the A-final, where they finally finished on the 19th place. The winners of MXoN 2017 are the French, the Dutch are 2nd and the English have the 3rd place.




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